2006 Thomas Saf-T Liner / Pusher

-Asking $9,500-

133k Miles & Clean Title


New Batteries


Air Brakes

Draw in the electricity somewhere ( guessing it's school equipment related ) 

Small oil leak

Tires are very good

Everything works great and it drives like a dream.


Demo'd inside / Seats removed / roof & side panels half removed / Decals removed for painting

We originally bought this to become our future home but we do not have the time for it. Rust remediated, metal floors converted and patched up, build ready!


Contact us at james.school.bus@protonmail.com or text (410) 929-6611.

The bus is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

A Bus Named Her

Turn-key 2003 Thomas Freightliner


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We are selling our brand new, fully finished school bus conversion.

Please visit our website abusnamedher.com for many more photos and many more details about this build - our story and why we are selling Her; why we chose to build Her with almost entirely non-toxic materials; the woods we used; the interior design philosophy; our temperature and moisture management approaches; and more!

She is a 2003 Thomas Freightliner, with an excellent bill of health, having been inspected prior to purchase, and again at the completion of the build, fully checked and serviced by a mechanic that specializes in heavy duty trucks and buses. We chose Her for her Southern roots, extra ceiling height, un-tinted windows, and mechanics that would allow distance and mountain traveling. Equipped with air brakes, an Allison 2000 transmission, and a Cummins 5.9, 24 valve diesel engine, she has 123,000 miles. Most of Her mechanics pre-date the electrical age, making maintenance and any future servicing much easier and less expensive. We purchased Her immediately following retirement from a public school system, where buses are rigorously maintained, and as a southern bus from Alabama, we were guaranteed to have no issues with rust! At 37’ long, with 29’ of living space behind the drivers seat, she is an absolute breeze to drive.

A non toxic, high quality, long living home was our priority, and nearly 100% of Her build is with non toxic materials - primarily solid hardwoods, stone, tile, and organic insulation. We did not use MDF, plywood, toxic glues, paints or foams. This is a solid build, a gem, and Her life will be a long one. Read more on our website about why a non toxic living space is so, so important.

While to each their own, we feel this bus is a lovely home, and most importantly, she is a healthy home. Everything, including the composting toilet, is still brand spankin new and unused. Read more about our story to learn why we are selling Her. We check on Her every few weeks, give Her a drive, and every time we do, we are overwhelmed by how lovely it feels inside - clean, healthy, happy, solid, and peaceful. We would be living in this tiny house had it been logistically possible, we do not want to sell Her. But, we will sleep well at night, knowing we are handing over a healthy home so someone else may live a healthy life.

Below are just a few of Her features, please visit abusnamedher.com for many more details and photos.

-Fully gutted, from ceiling to floors to insulation to glues to rotten caulk to windows - everything! Then, deeply (deeply!) cleaned!
- Though she had not a single leak, we took many extra measures to ensure waterproofing and critterproofing.
- Even with well insulated ceiling and floors, max standing height is still 6'3" in center isle.
- Plenty of storage throughout bus (see website for measurement breakdown).
- Built only with solid hardwoods - poplar, walnut, ambrosia maple, pine, cherry – everything is rock solid, nothing in this bus budges!
Floor plan and furniture design allows air flow so space stays dry and clean.
- Plumbed with a high quality stainless steel desiccant dehumidifier, rated for 1000 sf, runs on about 3 amps - and you don't have to dump water with this one! Helps keep Her cool in summer, warm in winter, and dry dry, dry.
- Organic Havelock sheep's wool insulation - a natural, antimicrobial, fire proof insulation that does not mold, improves indoor air quality, absorbs sound, and is the only insulation capable of managing moisture.
- Entry way shelving above and below.
- Reupholstered drivers seat with durable heavy weight linen
- ¾” thick poplar hardwood floors, atop an inch of non-toxic cork insulation
- Galley kitchen layout, oven/cooktop on one side, undermount enamel sink on other. Each walnut counter top is 5' long, 26” deep.
- Kitchen has doors and drawers for storage – soft close and magnetized.
- Built in electric Furrion oven and Furrion cooktop, designed specifically for RVs.
- Under-mount enameled sink with copper faucet and copper drain.
- Under counter fridge and freezer - total of 8.5 cf.
- Dinette across from wood burning stove, benches are 26” wide
- Dry and clean heat from 4 kw wood burning stove keeps space cozy, bolted through a solid walnut frame and a blue/grey slate hearth. Wood burning stove has built in heat shields, and is positioned with more than recommended clearance.
- Two sofas, professionally upholstered with durable high quality linen, just over 5’ long, thick cushions are legitimately lounge worthy!
- Inside 40 gallon water tank to prevent freezing with space under to kitchen sink for additional tank if needed.
- Electric hot water tank
- Bathtub and composting toilet that separates solids and liquids. A urine diverter goes to grey water tank so you dont have to dump a cup by hand. A diverter is key in keeping composting toilets odorless. aA DC 12 volt fan also vents odor to outside.
- Walnut bed frame, entire width of bus with slatted side for resting book, for climbing out of bed, or to expand for co sleeping with children.
- Two maxx air fans (kitchen and bedroom) for better air circulation.
- Two skylights.
- Everything in bus is electric, as diesel and propane lessen air quality and contribute to indoor humidity.
- 50 amp shore power system with Furrion inlet and comes with 50 foot power cord with 30 amp adapter.
- Whole system could run on 20 amps of solar, when not using cooktop (15 amps) and oven (20 amps). We have the purchase list fully prepped for solar. The price of the bus reflects the electrical set up.
- Additional 15 amp external outlet for patio lights and water pump etc.

**Please visit abusnamedher.com for more pictures, and more details on the build**

Each bus conversionist has their own needs and goals, and for their own good reasons. Our priorities were to build the healthiest, safest, most comfortable home we could, with an approach that would allow Her to live a long life. A healthy, long living, solid bus made with high quality and non toxic materials costs more to build, but will live longer and be less work to maintain.

The total asking price for A Bus Named Her will be $90,000.

Feel free to contact us at abusnamedher@gmail.com with any questions you may have. She is located an hour North of Washington DC.

1988 GMC Bluebird School Bus Conversion

Asking $29,000


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For sale is my beloved 1988 GMC Bluebird School Bus Conversion. This is a custom built, one-of-a-kind classic style bus with the old school dognose design. I spent my quarantine time doing a full restoration of the exterior & building out the interior from start to finish. So many things to tell you about it! 

I started dreaming of this project back in June of 2019 and completed it in January of 2022. I’ve poured countless hours of hard work and TLC  into this thing to make it my dream skoolie. It has a custom ceiling mural painted in the living area and another custom ceiling mural in the back room, which I used as a drum studio/recording studio, and it is currently still set up that way. I actually spent about $1,200+ soundproofing it and it worked great! Recently I’ve settled into a living situation I’m happy with, and the desire to travel has left me. So I’m hoping to sell to the right person who will treat it right and get lots and lots of good years and memories out of it. You could use it as an RV/Camper for trips across the country, or you could even full-time in it, with a few adjustments. It would be really ideal for a musician/artist, though, as the back room is set up for a studio space.



-1988 GMC w 8.2L Detroit Diesel Engine

and Allison Transmission

-Hydraulic Brakes

-Bluebird Body

-All six tires were replaced two years ago and the tread is like new

-Odometer shows approximately 150,000 miles

-Approximately 30ft long and 9 ft high

-6’1” clearance on the interior ceiling

-Hits about 75mph on the highway!


Here’s a helpful list of all the mechanical work I’ve had done on it since I’ve had it:

-New 500A alternator

-New Serpentine Belts

-New dual starter batteries replaced within the last year

-New master cylinder, brake hoses & lines

-New L front brake caliper

-1500w coolant heater added for easy cold starts in the wintertime (works great!)

-Recent Oil Change, coolant & brake fluid flushed and changed


The basics:

   -Multiple locking systems to keep you and your belongings safe

   -Custom curtains on all windows w/ two bug screens included for the back windows

   -All new exterior bulbs 

  • Super cozy captain’s chair w/ driver seatbelt

  • Custom Kenwood USB/Bluetooth radio with 4 awesome sounding Kicker speakers

  • R-15 insulation in the ceiling and walls, R-5 insulation in the floors

  • Working electrical outlets all throughout the bus wired to 2 separate switches that turn each side on/off so you can conserve power when you need to

-Dual 40 gallon freshwater tanks plumbed together (80 gallons total)

-32 Gallon gray water tank (sink water)

-40 gallon Black water tank (toilet +shower water)

*ALL tanks are fully equipped with tank sensors AND heating pads, the pipes are also insulated and equipped with heat tape

-30A shore power inlet 

-4500 SW/ 3500 RW Dual Fuel Champion generator (runs on propane or gasoline)


*The generator can be used to either charge the batteries, or can be used to power some smaller appliances directly using the pass-thru mode on the inverter.*


Battery Bank:

  • NEW 450AH Trojan T-105 battery bank wired in series and parallel for 450AH at 12V (A2 date codes meaning they were manufactured in January of 2022)

-Fully wired/labeled breaker box

-AIMS 3000w power inverter

-12v appliance block wired and labeled

-60A Victron Solar Charge Controller

-Fully equipped with a battery monitor to keep an eye on your battery health

-Comes with ALL service manuals for all appliances




Comes equipped with EVERYTHING you need to pack up and hit the road.

-Cozy 3 person bench seat couch

-Folding Murphy bed 

-Single Basin Sink w/ hot water

-Dual burner Cusimax electric cooktop

-1,000w microwave

-Chefman oven/air fryer

-Camplux 6 gallon hot water heater

-Mini Split/Heat pump air conditioning unit with custom fabricated mount

-3 way NORCOLD RV fridge/freezer combo (currently hooked up to the electrical system but could be hooked up to propane)

-Food pantry and lots of extra storage compartments

-Full shower/toilet combo bathroom

-Dual filter water filtration system

-Soundproof & ventilated artist’s studio in the back room

-Dual trailer hitch

-Custom built, soundproofed generator box with weatherproof cover, extra storage, and propane tank included (will need to be upgraded at some point.)

-Oh, and 800w of solar with custom wind guards up top :) 


The right pane of the windshield is cracked, as you can see in the photos. I got an estimate once for $500 to replace the glass. The only other potential issue I can think of is the generator box will need to be replaced someday. It’s is currently supported by ratchet straps because it sags a bit.


All in all, it’s not perfect and it has some quirks, but it really is a one-of-a-kind build. Comes fully equipped for you to get out there and live your dream in it. It gets lots of love and admiration wherever it goes.


Priced to sell at $29k. Open to reasonable offers! But I really don’t mind holding on to it as long as it takes to find the right buyer. I want to be clear that I’m not making money on this thing. I’ve got at least double what I’m asking into it and 2+ years of hard work and time. It really is my dream skoolie, and I wish I could hang on to it but life has shown me a different path.


Comes with original title and a bill of sale as well. Currently registered as a motorhome with an active VT license plate & registration. Contact me with any inquiries or questions and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for checking it out!

      For More Details Email: newsanall@aol.com

 Call/Text: (423)413-0825 

Partial Conversion


This is a 1997 Ford mid-sized school bus, 220k miles, 5.9L diesel Cummins engine w/ air brakes. I bought it in SC and drove it home to MA with no problems. A lot has been purchased and can be sold with the bus if interested.

Already installed amenities include: interior wiring to include all wall outlets and strip lighting; (2) 200w solar roof panels (system includes 4 lithium batteries, digital display monitors showing incoming energy and battery life); Additional sensor, digital display, monitors showing remaining level of fresh water holding tank, gray water holding tank (gray water tank needs to be installed) plus propane level; waggle sensor monitors interior temperature (can be connected to smartphone) sends alerts when interior temp is too hot or too cold; ring doorbell; backup & side camera system, outdoor shower, and power  hook up capabilities. 

Purchased but not installed: gray water tank, compost toilet, Nebia indoor shower head, 17” Greystone stove/ oven combo, kitchen sink & faucet, propane holder for (2) 20lb tanks (tanks not purchased); driver seat, radio and driver panel. Skylight opening in roof - needs the window / can be purchased from Home Depot. Can supply additional photos and more detail on what is done and yet to be done. 



Asking $35,000 which includes all not installed parts.
f not interested in additional items, price can be negotiated.

Email smitrano11@gmail.com for more details


2008 Thomas MVP EF


Partial Conversion ready for your final touches!

If you have any questions or would like to see the bus we are more than open to answering any and all questions. We can schedule a time to do video calls, in-person visits (Ft Myers, FL) and to take any phone calls. Below you will find our contact information; please feel free to reach out! 

Andie Villar 

(305) 433 - 0074 

Gian Lucas 

(786) 806 - 9468 


This is a one-of-a-kind Skoolie conversion. To begin, the foundation is built on a brand new Caterpillar Diesel C7250 engine with roughly 98,000 miles and an Alison 3000 transmission. 

Bus Background: This bus came from Colorado and was purchased from the 1st owner in Orlando, Florida August of 2020. We’re the Second owners and only builders. We hired contractors, electricians, plumbers and followed professionally designed renderings. All are available for review by the interested buyer. 

The bus was designed to ensure a family and their friends can enjoy several days to weeks on the road. It includes luxury finishes, modern touches, and practical design to provide comfort for everyone. 

The Alison transmission and the Caterpillar engine were serviced and completely updated with their respective manufacturers. All parts in the engine are OEM and all parts in the transmission are OEM. They currently have ZERO issues and have been carefully reviewed by a very experienced Mechanic. You’re more than welcome to bring a mechanic to review and verify everything stated here. We also have the plaques on the engine where you can contact Caterpillar for all service and engine details. 

The bus has 6 new tires worth over $4,000 that were changed in November of 2021. With less than 100 miles. 

Our intentions with the base of the bus were to ensure the bus was well insulated, waterproofed, and can last years to come. We utilized the best wood and ensured that all components were built with the intention of durability. 

We had the electrical system built around a foundation that allows us to have electricity on the road, at a campground, and by a generator. The bus is currently running a 50 AMP plugin. Everything we utilized was with high-grade commercial or building material. We included a Victron Multiplus 3000/120/50. Two 200 AMP Renogy Batteries and full generator connection with SOOW 6/4 Cable. 

ALL INTERIOR plumbing has been completed. ALL EXTERIOR plumbing is still unfinished. All interior plumbing that runs from our tanks was constructed with sharkbite and pex plumbing. This allowed us flexibility and durability.We have installed a SUBURBAN MFG Co 5286A Iw60 with H On-Demand 60K Btu W/ remote control access. The bus is equipped with a 100-gallon freshwater tank, 100-gallon grey water tank, and 25-gallon black water tank. With a tank monitoring system. There is a 2.5 GPM water pump, accumulator, filter, and main shut-off valve installed. 

Our kitchen was designed with practicality and space in mind. We wanted to ensure the best experience while cooking and enjoying the time in our Skoolie. We picked high-end modern finishes with a farmhouse-style look. The sink is a deep under-mount sink, with black hardware and a Moen GX50C Prep Series 1/2 HP Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal already installed. The cabinets are soft-close Hampton Bay with 3 drawers and a sink cabinet. Brand-new Furrion 21” gas range with 3 burners and an oven. The fridge is a 2019 Dometic fridge that runs on 120 and 12V/propane. It still has the manuals and it’s never been used, just tested and functions properly. 

The living room has everything needed for an amazing time with the family. We ran HDMI’s and other entertainment cables from the entertainment section in the electrical closet. The wall has been framed to hold a 55” tv with 2x4 reinforcement. The sofa fits 3-4 people comfortably and includes a twin-size pullout sleeper underneath. The dinette area seats 4 adults comfortably and converts to a small sleeping section for children. The tabletop is a beautiful and matching butcher block top. 

The bus is equipped with two BRAND-NEW 13,500 BTU Coleman Mach 3 plus Air conditioners. 

The bathroom was completely built from the ground up keeping in mind waterproofing, aesthetics, and functionality. It’s also equipped with modern finishes, high-end tiles, and more. We used a modern Schluter Kerdi Board waterproofing system. We also utilized a red guard on the entire base of the bathroom to ensure we have everything waterproofed. The bathroom has a Dometic 310 Series toilet bowl.


Double Decker Bus

1980 European Double Decker 
32' Long 
14'2" tall

110,000 miles
Seats 86

Location: Asheville, NC

*contact William Molloy*

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