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Luke of the 'Midwest Wanderers' is the mastermind behind his own personal bus. Having lived in it for almost three years, and clocking 30,000 miles, Luke knows exactly what it takes to build a safe, reliable and functional skoolie.

Luke is a true old world craftsman with a passion for building just about anything. He has worked in the trades for over 10 years in Chicago as a pipefitter, multi-certified welder, fabricator, licensed medical gas installer, licensed plumber, electrical work, HVAC service tech, and experienced job foreman for multi-million dollar projects. Beyond that, Luke has years of experience as a hobbyist motorcycle builder, blacksmith, bladesmith, leather crafter, machinist and fine furniture maker.

Luke Davis


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Asa is our lead fabricator and welder here at He is an experienced certified welder, fabricator and sheet metal worker. If it’s made of metal, he can make it.


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Max is a man of many hats. He has years of experience in sheet metal fab, construction, plumbing and layout making him an essential part of our team.


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Rachel, the other half of the Davis team, can be found in the shop doing all kinds of odd jobs but most often she is putting her business degree to use running the logistics of our fast-growing company. If you've contacted us, you have most likely spoken with her!

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