A Home for Adventure

It's called a skoolie! A retired school bus turned traveling tiny house.


Skoolie VS tiny house

Tiny houses are one of the best sensations the US has known, freeing people from expensive housing and shrinking our impact on our planet compared to traditional housing. The same goes for the skoolie variation on a tinyhouse. Where a skoolie takes a stride beyond the typical tiny is perpetual travel and adventure. 


Skoolie VS RV

One might wonder, why not just buy a motor home or RV?

Most RVs aren't designed for full-time occupancy and require being hooked up at a campground when not in transit. Also an RV often feels like an RV, not a home. Typically built with cheap fixtures and lightweight components.


OFF-GRID and sustainable 

Don't just go mobile go Eco- friendly. Going off the grid  is a great way to sustain low cost of living and maintain nomadic lifestyle.  Why tether yourself to grid tied power, sewer, and water if you don't have to. A skoolie is the perfect platform for Alternative energy living . Besides its about time we start caring for this planet of ours, wouldn't you love to live 100% on solar power?