Skoolie VS Tiny House


Tiny houses are one of the best sensations the US has known; freeing people from expensive housing and shrinking our impact on our planet compared to traditional housing. The same goes for the skoolie variation of a tiny house. Where a skoolie takes a stride beyond the typical tiny is perpetual travel and adventure. Most tiny  houses are built on trailers this is often intended to skirt building codes, by placing the home on wheels it is not deemed a "permanent structure" and is then exempt from most local building codes and permits. Tiny's are often transported to where they will ultimately reside and remain there. If a tiny house owner does plan to travel, they will likely need a truck capable of hauling their home, which is an expense that is sometimes overlooked. More than not, your typical tiny house is staying put. This is great and community is important but maybe you're not ready to put down roots just yet.

School buses are built for the road and if you want to travel a skoolie is your key to living the tiny lifestyle without settling down. A skoolie can certainly make a great stationary home but its best suited for satisfying your wanderlust. Explore our beautiful country, national parks, wide open public lands, or a local state park. That's not to say you can't go the urban route and explore cities all over the country or do a little driveway surfing!

We love tiny house, but skoolies are our favorite!