Skoolie VS RV



One might wonder, why not just buy a motor home or RV?

Most RVs aren't designed for full-time occupancy and require being hooked up at a campground when not in transit. A skoolie can be built to allow as much as two weeks between "hook ups", which entails dumping waste water and replenishing fresh water tank. Also, an RV often feels like an RV, not a home. When building a skoolie you get to start with a blank canvas and design a space exactly the way you want it, whether that's sleek and modern or homey and eclectic, it's up to you! RVs are typically built with cheap fixtures and lightweight components. The light weight nature of travel trailers, RVs, and motor homes make them extremely unsafe in the unfortunate event of an accident. This is where a school bus conversion earns its keep, buses are built to SAFELY transport children to school on the governments watch. You better believe they designed a vehicle that is built to withstand any type of accident or collision. This is why it serves as a great foundation to build a nomadic home. When  a school bus is involved in an accident you often can't tell, on the other hand, motor homes involved in accidents usually sustain catastrophic damage and are often totaled.

Something to think about...