OFF-GRID and sustainable


Don't just go mobile, go Eco- friendly. Going off the grid is a great way to sustain low cost of living and maintain a nomadic lifestyle.  Why tether yourself to grid tied power, sewer, and water if you don't have to. A skoolie is the perfect platform for alternative energy living . Besides it's about time we start caring for this planet of ours, wouldn't you love to live 100% on solar power?

One of our built-for-you skoolies can be outfitted with enough roof top solar to be completely self sufficient as well as be able to connect to the grid with a simple plug if need be. Utilizing a propane water heater and cooking appliances is a great way to limit electrical consumption and cut down on solar costs. Propane burns clean and without any emissions. Composting toilets are another helpful way to reduce your carbon footprint and maintain off-grid status. And don't forget independent water source. Your skoolie can be outfitted with over 100 gallons of fresh water on board plus a city water connection keeping you free and flexible.